Potentilla anserina, Silkweed Cinquefoil or Pacific Silverweed

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This low-growing, flowering perennial will spread itself via strawberry-like runners along the surface of the soil. Its pinnate-compound, serrated leaves are covered with a silvery, silky fuzz, hence the common name. During early through late summer, cheerful, bright yellow, five-petaled blooms dot the surface of the foliage and delight passing bees, flies, and beetles. Coming from moist, lowland areas like pond and river margins, it prefers regular moisture. However, once established it will tolerate some periods of drought. Native to large areas of North America (including the coast and higher elevations in Oregon), as well as parts of Europe and Asia.

Mature size:  6–12 inches tall & 1–3+ feet wide

Minimum temperature: -30° F

Photo of flower and leaves by Christian Fischer, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo of flower (close up) by AnRo0002, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons