Revised COVID-19 Updates

Hello, Fellow Gardeners-

After reviewing Governor Brown’s Executive Order 2020-12, we consulted the Oregon Association of Nurseries for advice and reviewed our practices. Our employees that can work from home are doing so. Our staff members that are working at the nursery are following social/physical distancing guidelines.

Given the outdoor and spacious nature of our business, we can—with your help—maintain a healthy environment for both staff and customers. Sorry, no picnics allowed at the nursery until after physical distancing ends.

For the safety of our Customers and Employees, the following are the COVID-19 safety techniques we ask you to practice.

If you want to buy plants from the nursery, here are your TWO options:

    1. If you are practicing strict social distancing, and you WILL NOT ENTER THE NURSERY PROPER, you can pre-order and pay via email for later curbside pick up. Click here for pre-order and pick up instructions.
    2. If you feel comfortable browsing the nursery while observing physical distancing practices (see below for details), you can come to the nursery during our regular shopping hours and shop for yourself. Click here for our hours.
      *Note that due to increased mail order demands, we cannot schedule nursery visits Monday or Tuesday.

If you choose to shop at the nursery, please follow these safe-shopping practices:

    1. While browsing the nursery, pick out & box your own plants (staff can help if they are heavy) and load them into a cart
    2. When done shopping, visit the check-out/cash register station we have set up outside the shop (the former cash register location) under a tent
    3. At the check-out station, leave your plants in your cart and let staff members pull price tags from your plants
    4. Use credit/debit card for payment (not cash or check)
    5. Hold on to your payment card and insert it into the reader (please don’t hand the card to staff)

Also follow these general physical distancing rules:

    • Stay a minimum of 6 ft away from people not in your household
    • Limit people per greenhouse to 4
    • Do not enter the shop, office, or kitchen areas
    • Visit during fair weather to make all of the above easier

And please always follow the general health practices:

    • Wash your hands
    • Cough or sneeze into a tissue and dispose of it immediately
    • Stay home if you or any member of your household are sick


If you choose to stay at home, don’t forget that mail order is an option, too. *Please note that we ship via USPS Priority Mail only, and they are experiencing some delays due to COVID-19. Read more details on the USPS website. We are grateful for the mail delivery personnel that are on the “front lines” keeping a large part of our economy rolling.

We appreciate anything you can do to support independent businesses while keeping yourself and your community safe.

—The Crew at Dancing Oaks Nursery

(*updated 05/28/2020)