Landscape Design

Dancing Oaks Nursery recommends:

Rebecca Chance, MLA – Landscape design sensitive to your individual needs and aesthetic inclinations, to the function of your space, and to the environment.

Rebecca received her master's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon. She subsequently taught there and in university art departments for 22 years, concurrently practicing landscape design. Now employed at Dancing Oaks in other capacities, she provides landscape design services as an independent entity.

Make an appointment with Rebecca by calling Dancing Oaks at 971-612-3050.

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  1. Consultation:  a visit with the client at the site; discussion, recommendations, and write-up. ($200) The client takes it from there.
  2. Consultation:  initial visit with the client ($200), nursery walkabout, plant list for existing areas based on client's interests, gathering of plants, delivery, and placement (no drawing). ($85/hr) Client or landscape professional installs the plants and other materials and amenities.
  3. Consultation and landscape design: initial visit, nursery walkabout, mapping, base plan, schematics, final to-scale drawing/planting plan, plant list, installation and maintenance notes. The plant palette is primarily derived from Dancing Oaks Nursery inventory; other sources as needed. (Rate: $85/hr) Example: a standard city lot could run about $1500, depending upon complexity.
  4. Installation:  by recommended licensed and bonded professional. Rebecca would gather, deliver, and place plants (Rate: $85/hr) to be installed by an independent professional landscape installer contracting separately with the client. 

Other tailor-made options are available as needed; every client and property is different!

Some possibilities:

• traditional • naturalistic • modernist • pollinator garden • xeriscape (water-wise), autobiographical.... 


• outdoor rooms • amenities • indoor/outdoor connection • sculptural elements • visual elements and principles: line, shape, color, texture, value, form, gesture • pattern • aroma • sunlight • shade • wind • soil • water • pathways • organization • themes/zones....

"Rebecca, thank you again for being our 'guide' on this project. It's lovely, don't you think? As I've said, it has transformed our house into a home. We appreciate your talents and I've enjoyed getting to know you. – Best, Reine and Tom"

"Garden Designer Rebecca Chance was the perfect person to help figure out how to take my garden to a new level of texture and movement with very special plant selections. She walked through the gardens and greenhouses with me to see my tastes and aesthetic and wove her knowledge and expertise in garden design and plant environments to help create a whole new level of beauty in my garden. She was both a pleasure to work with and a gifted expert in garden creation. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca to make the most of the incredible selection at Dancing Oaks. – Randy"