We appreciate the kind words and continued support from our customers!

"Yesterday I had the privilege of introducing a friend of mine to the joy of a visit to Dancing Oaks, her first visit. 
My first visit to Dancing Oaks was last fall, after an online search for a specific plant (Angel’s fishing rod) which I could only locate there. I brought three plants home, and returned this spring for more.  My husband and I enjoyed wandering the paths and greenhouses so much and I knew my friend would feel the same. So, yesterday, she and I  wandered through the display gardens, just taking in the beauty, the peace, and the absolute delight of seeing so many unusual plants in bloom, displayed so beautifully, stopping now and then to sit on the benches and just absorb the wonders, the colors, and the whimsy.
Dancing Oaks is like no other nursery we’ve ever seen and we agreed that it rivals the Oregon Garden in Silverton by its variety, and showmanship in a much smaller space. We enjoyed talking with Becca and each time I’ve visited the staff has been helpful, friendly, and welcoming.  
I hope to make many more trips there  - if they served coffee and sandwiches I’d probably be there til closing every visit!
Thank you, Dancing Oaks."
via email 6/2017

"Dear gardening friends, Two boxes of healthy plants arrived at my post office box today.  I am thrilled!  Every one of them looks healthy and ready to go into the ground. Thank you for your skill in producing them and your care in packing them."
Nancy Goodwin via email 10/2015