Actinidia arguta 'Issai', Hardy Kiwi

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This twining woody vine is native to woodlands, mountain forests, stream sides and moist locations in eastern Asia, China and Japan. Here it grows to 25-30' needing much less pruning than the species but it does need a strong support structure on which to grow — vines are heavy. Fragrant green and white flowers in June are followed by clusters of edible grape-sized, smooth-skinned fruits (to 1 1/4" long) maturing in September – October. 'Issai' needs no separate pollenizer for fruit production. Fruits may be eaten skin and all like a grape! And it's sweeter than the tropical Kiwi sold here in stores. Fruits the first year, and tolerates clay soil. This is a real pleaser!

Minimum temperature: -40° F

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