Asimina triloba 'Tollgate', Paw Paw Tree

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'Tollgate' produces very large fruits that ripen to a yellow exterior and yellow flesh. Excellent flavor.

About Paw Paws: Small and interesting burgundy flowers with reflexed petals are lightly fragrant and bloom in early- to late-spring on bare stems. They bring tasty, oblong autumn fruit, and you won't have to wait long for it after planting your new tree—perhaps just a few years. The flesh is yellow and soft and mildly sweet, a bit like banana custard with undertones of pineapple or strawberry—you decide. George Washington reportedly enjoyed them for dessert, and Thomas Jefferson was known to have grown pawpaws at Monticello. Fairly large, pendent, light green leaves turn yellow in fall on this small tree. Regular water; Eastern native.

Plant at least two different types for cross-pollination.

Pictured: Asimina triloba species (not a specific cultivar)

Mature size: 15–30' T & W

Minimum temperature: -20° F