Delphinium pavonaceum, Peacock Larkspur/Delphinium

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This exceedingly rare Delphinium has deeply cleft leaves and pyramidal racemes of white flowers with peacock-purple-blue centers. It blooms in late April to June and is about 15 inches tall, slowly naturalizing given advantageous conditions:  "Peacock larkspur inhabits low, nearly flat areas in moist, silty soils of the Willamette River floodplain at elevations ranging from 45 – 120 m (150 – 400 ft). It occurs in native wet prairies, on the edges of ash and oak woodlands, and along roadsides and fence rows.... Peacock larkspur is a localized endemic restricted to the middle Willamette Valley of Oregon. The species is found primarily in Benton and Polk counties, its largest occurrences located at William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Benton County." – Oregon Dept. of Agriculture 

(All members of this genus are poisonous to humans and livestock.)

Minimum temperature: -20°