Fallopia japonica 'Variegata', Japanese Fleeceflower, Milk Boy

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Liberally splashed with white, this Japanese fleece flower has stunning foliage that emerges coral pink, and its summertime tiny white flowers are borne in fragrant, foamy, upright sprays over 5 – 6' bambooesque green and pink stalks. It's tall enough to be used as a seasonal screen! While the straight species is invasive and definitely to be avoided, this one is well-behaved (and much prettier) and is only a little pushy at most. It's amenable to very little water, but would ideally prefer a moist site. Even clay soil is no problem for this adaptable and tough customer, and it would help to limit spreading if that's desired. (Formerly Polygonum cuspidatum.)

Minimum temperature: -30° F