Hedychium 'Pink V', Ginger Lily

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Hedychium are tall and leafy with spikes of exotic, lush, orchidesque flowers. A Tom Wood hybrid, 'Pink V' is peach-apricot with a darker salmon mark. In their native environment they respond to monsoon rains and cease flowering as the season becomes drier. To approximate those conditions in our temperate regions, keep them well-watered in rich, well-draining soil throughout the summer. When dormant, keep them on the dry side to discourage rot. Be prepared, Hedychiums will bust out of a pot in no time with remarkable strength and vigor. Giver 'her space, folks. This will be an essential element in any tropicalesque garden.

This is not the more flavorful culinary ginger—Zingiber officinale—but one can use the buds and flowers in cooking according to Plant Delights Nursery (thanks). 

Minimum temperature: 0° F