Nothofagus obliqua, South American or Roble Beech

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This very elegant, large deciduous tree has a somewhat airy feeling owing to its very small leaves and open branching. It is sometimes called 'Roble,' (oak in Spanish) because when Spaniards encountered it in its native Chile it reminded them of their oaks. Nothofagus translates false beech which is a misnomer. It is indeed a true beech. Faster growing than many beeches, it is bound to be gratifying for that reason as well as others: its overall elegant, somewhat narrow form; the pretty, small, and textural leaves in an attractive herringbone pattern; and its yellow and red fall color. Full sun is its pleasure but not dry roots. (And don't let the roots dry at all when transplanting!) 70' T x 50' W

Minimum temperature: 0° F