Primula florindae 'Keilour Hybrids', Giant Cowslip or Tibetan Primrose

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Primula florindae was first collected by Frank Kingdon-Ward from southeastern Tibet where they grow prolifically along the Tsangpo river. If not permitted to dry out, these will overwinter very well. Keilour Hybrids can have clusters of nutmeg-scented pendent umbels ranging from orange-yellow to coppery-red on 2-foot tall stems above basal rosettes. They would love a water feature or just a moist, well-draining spot with rich soil. (They can even turn a ditch where water collects into a lovely feature.) Create your own Tsangpo (minus the leeches—Frank K-W will tell you all about it in his books about his plant explorations in China, Tibet, Nepal, Assam, and Burma—fascinating and wonderful writing).

Minimum temperature: -40° F