Sagittaria latifolia, Duck Potato or Broadleaf Arrowhead

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Showy, pure white, three-petaled flowers from July to September bloom amid large, nearly vertical, sagittal or arrow-shaped leaves. In a colony, they make a wonderful pattern. Native to the shallows or pond and stream margins throughout North America it would be at home in a muddy spot or slightly submerged in a water feature with a muddy bottom. The large, round tubers are edible and can be boiled or baked like a potato. (We encourage you to do your own research first!) Known to some Native Americans as Wapato, they were, and perhaps still are in some areas, a significant source of food. Waterfowl enjoy both the tubers (hence "Duck Potato") and the seeds. The plant can also be a useful component in pond or bog restoration projects. 

Minimum temperature: -20° F