Salix x boydii, Boyd's Dwarf Willow

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With rounded, deeply veined, highly textured gray-green leaves, this congested, stout little garden gnome, gnarly with time, was discovered by William Boyd near Glen Clova, Angus, Scotland, in the 1870's. Someday it could reach as much as 5 x 3 feet, but don't hold your breath—it's a very slow grower, perfect for rock garden or trough, more likely in the 1' range and a bit more tall than wide. It's thought to be a natural hybrid of S. reticulata x S. lapponica, an apparently single occurrence from which all subsequent plants have been cultivated. Give it a very well-draining medium of moist, sand or grit to keep it healthy. Sun is its preference but light shade will do.

Mature size: VERY slow; 1 ft T x W; eventually to 5 ft T x 3 ft W

Minimum temperature: -30° F