Yucca cernua, Nodding Texas Soapwart, Nodding Yucca

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Nodding Texas Yucca (Yucca cernua) was discovered in the early 2000s in the wilds of East Texas. It has spiky blue-green foliage which creates a mound 2' tall by 4' wide. Once mature—after 5 to 10 years, generally—it blooms in spring with a huge 8+ foot tall flower spike of pendulous creamy-white flowers. In it's native habitat, it grows in dry, fast-draining, partly-shady conditions under Loblolly Pines (Pinus taeda).

Grown in-house from seed; not wild collected.

Minimum temperature: 0° F, possibly colder but untested

• Photo 1 (flower spike) by Rebou / CC BY-SA
• Photo 2 (leaves) by  Rebou / CC BY-SA