Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Spek-tacular', Spek-tacular Cast Iron Plant

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Bring a little extra personality to your plant collection with Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Spek-tacular'!  Discovered in a Sichuan flower market by Linda Guy- and introduced by the incomparable Plant Delights ursery in 2012- this strikingly bedazzled Cast Iron Plant has the most stable yellow speckles that we have come across in this Genus.

In addition to its distinctive leaf patterns, this plant is evergreen and hardy down to 0° F, when planted in a sheltered location.  Use as either an indoor or outdoor plant, even in deep shade.  Every classy Victorian-era parlor had some form of Aspidistra.  Choose one to grace your parlor or outdoor setting.

Mature size: 30 in tall and slowly spreading

Minimum temperature: 0° F