Vernonia lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly', Ironweed

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Fine, needle-like green foliage forms a compact, vigorous mound. In late summer to fall it's virtually covered in spritzes of violet, crinkled blooms loved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

"George W. Letterman, aged 72, a recluse and botanist, died in poverty and attended only by a neighbor in his little cabin at Allenton, thirty miles west of St. Louis, last night. Throughout his long stay in Allenton the botanist lived alone in his one-room cabin, spending most of his time in the woods in search of rare plants and trees. Many distinguished American and European scientists made pilgrimages to his cabin and went on excursions with him through his beloved woods along the Meramec. Many rare plants which he discovered were named after him. Harvard professorships twice were offered to Mr. Letterman, but he waved them aside as temptations, preferring the woods to halls of learning." Some of the genera containing species named for him are Vernonia, Poa, Stipa, and Crataegus. It does not appear that he ever published anything." Torreya (Vol. 13, p. 170)

Mature size: 3x3 feet

Minimum temperature: -30° F