Shared Customer Responsibilities

We want you to be happy with the plants you receive and successful growing them, so please review the following to ensure your order concludes well:

  • Research your plants thoroughly before you buy. Make sure the plants you select are suitable for your growing zone and your particular garden, and that you are ordering them to arrive at the best time of year.
  • Expect a little wear & tear during shipping. While we take GREAT care to wrap and pack every plant we ship, getting sent through the mail can be hard on a plant. Don't panic if leaves or even stems are a little bruised or bent. Our priority is to send each plant with a strong, viable root system that will thrive once it is planted properly.
  • Remember that different plant types grow differently. Evergreen vs deciduous, bulbs vs tubers, trees vs vines... if you have a mix of plant types in your order, remember that they will likely arrive in different stages of growth. One plant might still be dormant when you receive it, while another might already have substantial growth. That's perfectly normal.

Thank you!

-The Crew at Dancing Oaks Nursery