Abies pindrow, West Himalayan Fir

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An evergreen conifer species that is native to the western Himalayan mountains, from Afghanistan to Nepal.

This gorgeous conifer has a narrow, pyramidal form that holds short, almost horizontal branches. The bark on young trees is smooth and gray, then becomes thick, gray-brown, and vertically furrowed with age.  New needles are bright, fresh green then age to deep glossy green. Large, upright cones stand on top of the branches and are deep purple when new, and then turn dark brown.

Our stock of Abies pindrow is grafted on to either Abies balsamea var. phanerolepsis or Abies firma rootstock.

Mature size: In the high elevations (6500-9,000 ft) of the Himalayas A. pindrow can reach 180 ft tall; however it has not been seen to reach more than 90 ft tall in cultivation. 

Minimum temperature: 10° F