Abutilon vitifolium 'Tennant's White', Flowering Maple

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Hailing from Chile, this plant nevertheless does very well here in our garden in the Northwest. In a recent winter, we did get down to just under 0º F and it made it through! If it does die back, it has a good history of coming back from the base with vigor. You might want to give it an occasional pruning anyway. Profuse, pure white saucer flowers bloom in May through July against semi-evergreen, tri-lobed, serrate leaves that are distinctly felted, giving their undulating "maple" or "grape" leaf a blue-green cast. It's quite likely deer-resistant, guessing deer won't like a furry tongue. Attracts bees! butterflies! hummingbirds! and is even suitable as a large houseplant! (Amenable to pruning!) It needs water during hot spells and will grow up to 6' tall and bushy—has real presence! 

Minimum temperature: 10° F