Alchemilla erythropoda, Dwarf Lady's Mantle

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A tough dwarf alchemilla with pale green leaves from tidy, dense mounds that seem to sparkle with the morning dew. Chartreuse blooms appear in spring or mid-summer and the foliage can develop a lovely red edge when planted in full sun. Thrives in a variety of conditions, from shade to full sun as well as clay or sand! Provides an excellent ground cover, pathway edge or even adds a sparkle to your rock garden. 

Medieval alchemists (hence "Alchemilla") believed that the water droplets collected from the leaves of this plant to be the purest water and used it in their attempts to create gold from base metal. You can still try. Fill your garden with Alchemilla and take it from there.

Mature height: 6 in T x 12 in W

Minimum temperature: -35° F