Anaphalis margaritacea, Pearly Everlasting

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Clusters of small, papery orbs with yellow centers bloom July to August above silvery-gray, soft narrow leaves. It clumps but also spreads by stolons to naturalize where conditions are advantageous. In most wildflower gardens something is needed for contrast and substance. This would be it! But do make certain its bed is well-draining. Before the small blooms open to reveal their yellow centers they resemble luminous pearls. If cut for a vase at this time they will last without water almost interminably, hence "Pearly Everlasting". Butterflies add to its appeal! When I think of them, it's always with the memory of butterflies fluttering about the pearls. Native to N. America, Asia, and Europe; 2' T x 1.5' W

Minimum temperature: -40° F