Bulbinella robusta (syn B. nutans, B. floribunda), Cat's Tail

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A vigorous perennial that, at a glance, resembles Kniphofia. Bright green, 2-foot strappy leaves emerge in fall with the rain. These leaves persist through winter, then in early spring torches of bright yellow blossom clusters rise up on 2-3 foot stems. The whole plant goes summer dormant during peak heat and drought. This dormancy period is good for the plant and required for longevity! Then the cycle begins again in fall.

NOTE: These are SUMMER DORMANT plants; they dry up and go "to sleep" after they bloom in spring. Other examples of summer dormant plants are Tulips and Daffodils. Do not be alarmed when they disappear with the onset of warm weather days.

Mature size: 2-3 ft tall

Minimum temperature: 10° F