Cardiocrinum giganteum, Giant Himalayan Lily

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Glossy green, red-veined hosta-like leaves feed a mega-bulb that supports a tower of fragrance that wafts considerable distance on the breeze. The parent bulb will die once it flowers, but the offset will bloom in the following year - and on it goes. 10" white trumpets with soft red landing streaks, as many as 20, adorn this 7 - 14 foot stalk! Huge, toothed seed pods and stalk dry wonderfully and mystify all who are unfamiliar! Here's a plant everyone will covet! You can tell them it comes from the mid-elevations of the Himalayas - exotic but used to the cold. Imagine slogging through miles of bracken, leaches, and mud to come upon this spectacular sight, as the plant explorer, Frank Kingdon-Ward did. And you don't have to withstand the leaches! Rich, moist soil and light shade are ideal; plant with the nose of the bulb above soil line. Protect growing tip from frost with straw, etc. If desired, divide after it's late June bloom.Minimum temperature: -10° F