Clematis addisonii, Non-vining Clematis

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This very adaptable little garden perennial is native to only 4 counties in the west of Virginia. While it grows in shady, shaley hillsides in its home counties, it is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and exposures in the garden if its feet are kept cool. In its native habitat, its lax stems lounge over rocks and surrounding vegetation; in your garden either give it space to loll...or provide it support to keep it somewhat upright. The broad, ovate leaves are slightly blueish-green and attach closely along the stems. Once established, this shrubby perennial will be heavy with blooms in spring, then possibly produce a lighter flush of blooms in summer and/or fall. The sweet leathery blooms are nodding urns with a lavender-to-pink exterior and a white interior.

Mature size: up to 3 feet T & W

Minimum temperature: -20° F