Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Carnival', Variegated Harlequin Glory Bower / / Peanut Butter Tree

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A smaller form of the species with the added interest of golden-edged heart-shaped leaves. Has the same fragrant white blooms in summer and showy pink & blue fruit in fall. (Example flowers from the non-variegated Clerodendrum trichotomum are shown in the last photo on this page.)

Possibly one of the prettiest of variegated small trees and it comes with powerfully fragrant flowers and showy fruit in the fall. Not quite as tall or vigorous as the species, but leaves that are intensely edged in cream and light yellow make it a standout. Does not burn in full sun, but appreciates rich soil that is well-drained with regular irrigation in summer. To 9' tall forming an umbrella shape.

Minimum temperature: 0° F