Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus (syn. parviflorus), Dobo Lily

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Of the Amaryllidaceae family, and coming to us from the Eastern Cape of South Africa, this Cyrtanthus species is among the easiest to grow of the oft-difficult to please genus, one reason it is seldom found in cultivation. The summer bright orange flowers are tubular and borne in nodding clusters atop 12–18-inch stems. The leaves are narrow, strappy, and generally evergreen. In its native locale, it enjoys moist grassland and rocky streambanks, so give it excellent drainage and water it regularly during periods of growth and only intermittently when going to seed. Too much water in combination with cold will be its undoing. These conditions might best be controlled if it's planted in a container, but make it ample since this plant wants to make offsets.

Mature size: 12-18 inches T

Minimum temperature: 25-30° F