Delphinium trolliifolium, Giant Larkspur

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Exquisite, ultramarine, loosely-spaced blue flowers have a white petal in the interior, essentially the reverse of another Western native, Delphinium pavonaceum. This exquisite native is from the lower elevations of Western Oregon and California, and this particular group is from a Benton Co. collection. Clumping and upright, it blooms late spring – mid-summer in partial or dappled shade. Larkspur attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but keep in mind that it can kill livestock if ingested and is poisonous to humans.

Please be aware this plant goes dormant in mid-late summer.

This plant ships August 1 - April 1.  Please choose a corresponding shipping date when ordering.

Mature size: 2-6 feet tall and 1 feet wide

Minimum temperature: -10° F