Dichelostemma ida-maia (syn. Brodiaea coccinea), Firecracker Flower

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A Southern Oregon and Northern California native:  Unbelievable, glossy, crimson firecracker blooms with recurving light green tips hang in open pendent clusters May to July. Grassy stems are long and mingle with the flowers, and developing buds are erect at the same time that mature flowers hang down. The complex tips of the flowers encourage close inspection, comprised as they are of recurving light green tips, a light yellow corona like a small petticoat, yellow-white anthers, and interior crimson spots. All that apparently signals something delicious to hummingbirds. It's 20" T and slowly naturalizing if it finds itself in advantageous conditions; its native environment ranges from open woodland to coastal meadows.

Minimum temperature: -20° F