Tasmannia lanceolata (syn. Drimys lanceolata), Tasmanian Pepper Bush

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Narrow, dark green evergreen leaves are perfectly matched with rich red stems. In spring, pretty little greenish-white spritzes for flowers are fleeting but lovely _ the foliage and stems are the real prize. Nicely accompanied by manzanita, rock rose, pines, viburnums, heathers, daphne, hebes, hellebores.... This is a commonly underestimated shrub that has a sophisticated nature.

From down under, aboriginals and subsequent colonists found the dried berries of Drimys lanceolata useful as pepper (pepperberries); and it is purportedly still widely used. The black berries can be dried and ground as pepper. The leaves, too, are spicy, and have a nice fragrance when crushed. In the vernacular...Tasmanian Pepper.

Mature size: slower growing 8 ft tall in time and 5 ft wide

Minimum temperature: 10° F