Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' PP21401, Spurge

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This distinctive Euphorbia has striking variegation of cream & blue-green with a blush of hot pink in the cooler months. The blooms will echo this color palette with the addition of just enough lime-green. Euphorbias are a very tough plant, excellent both for containers or in the garden. Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' tolerates sun or part shade & is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant.

Euphorbias were named by Linnaeus in honor of a 1st century Greek physician by the name of Euphorbus. The white latex or milky sap exuded by Euphorbias may have been used medicinally but it is toxic and to be avoided. It can "burn" skin, especially skin exposed to sunlight. Wear your gloves and long sleeves while pruning out the flowers. Don't let it put you off, though; they are stalwart, interesting, various, deer-resistant, and many are evergreen making a provocative textural addition to the perennial garden.

Mature size: 18-24 in T x W

Minimum temperature: -10° F