Gaultheria mucronata 'Rubra' (syn. Pernettya mucronata), Prickly Heath

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Prickly, only because the small leaves have a sharp point at the tip, and evergreen and glossy-green, the leaves acquire a bronze tint in winter. Flowers are pink-tinged white urns blooming May–June, followed by pink-mauve berries that remain attractive until next spring.

Note on Berries: In researching this plant, we've found some conflicting information as to the sex of these plants. In our experience, Gautheria mucronata 'Rubra' (syn. Pernettya mucronata) is monoecious—meaning a plant containing both male and female flowers. Our stock plant is a berry-producing plant that self-fertilizes. Her offspring here at the nursery produce fruit as well.  

Mature size: 2-3 ft T x W

Minimum temperature: 0° F