Jasminum officinale 'Devon Cream' (syn 'Clotted Cream'), Jasmine

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Larger flowers with a more powerful fragrance than the common jasmine, this one has wide-petaled, creamy-white flowers that, yes, do resemble thick, heavy cream. They bloom June to September and look absolutely delicious; just add strawberries. Vigorously vining to at least 18' long, and 3' wide, it arches and climbs with dense, leafy growth. It's tolerant of many Soil types including clay—music to our ears here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Site it near enough to your nose so you don't waste any of that heavenly jasmine fragrance; it can work in a large pot, too. Deciduous, it's fall color is apricot and yellow. (#4 copper wire works well to support this non-clinging vine.)

Minimum temperature: 5° F