Jasminum humile 'Revolutum', Italian Jasmine

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As an arching, bushy shrub or climbing vine, a bushy vine or a climbing bush, this hardy yellow jasmine has dark to medium green foliage and clusters of sweetly-scented bright yellow flowers from May through August. A sunny site yields the greatest bloom and the most perfume. A south- or east-facing, moist, and well-drained site is ideal, although it will tolerate dry conditions and many kinds of soil as evidenced by its broad native range. Originating the length of the Himalayan chain and naturalized in much of the Mediterranean, it goes by a variety of common names from Himalayan Jasmine to Italian Jasmine. About 10' x 10' unless pruned, and it is, indeed, very amenable to pruning. Semi-evergreen.

Minimum temperature: 10° F