Libertia peregrinans 'Bronze Sword', New Zealand Iris

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A little background: It's in the Iris family, and the Libertia genus is named for Belgian botanist Marie-Anne Libert (1782-1865). This species, peregrinans, comes from New Zealand. With interesting orange and olive-green fans, it surprises you with sparkling, white-petaled flowers in early summer that perch on thin wiry stems. Long-lasting, lustrous, seed-bearing golden orbs follow to extend the season. A perfect container companion for something low or cascading, it's also evergreen, so you'll enjoy its spiky leaves all winter, too. Another evergreen, Black Mondo Grass, with its velvety blackness and purple flower would be an exciting companion if you like the unusual. Well-draining soil and some space will allow its pleasant peregrinations. Divide and replant as desired.

Mature size: 12 inches tall; spreads slowly by rhizomes.

Minimum temperature: 0° F