Maianthemum racemosum (syn. Smilacena racemosa), False Solomon's Seal

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One- to three-foot arching stems with double rows of elliptic leaves arise from a thick mat of rhizomes. Stems terminate in a large, fragrant, frothy spike of white in early spring. Berries ripen to orange-red in autumn. (True Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum spp.), has pendent bell-like flowers hanging beneath its arching stems.) For those of you in warmer, more humid states, be aware that zone 8 (10º F) is the upper limit for this plant to grow healthfully. Deer will indeed browse it and birds do enjoy the berries. This is a ubiquitous Northwest native that tolerates dry shade in summer.

Mature size: to 3 ft T x 1-2 ft W, clump-forming

Minimum temperature: -40° F