Mirabilis longiflora, Sweet Four O'Clock

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Coming from rocky upland canyons of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico, with some flowing summer water, this Four O'Clock is extremely drought-tolerant but is not averse to water. It typically blooms after rains and opens at night to be pollinated by nocturnal hummingbird moths. Your nose will guide you to its exquisitely fragrant blooms shining white on a moonlit summer night. Very narrow and very long arching red tubes open flat, exposing all the beautiful detail of its magenta-centered white flower and extremely long and curling stamens. The leaves are blue-green and heart-shaped and form a mound 3' x 3'. Poor soil? No problem. Deer or Snails? Still no problem. And not invasive like the common Four O'Clocks, so don't worry. Just enjoy.

Minimum temperature: 0° F