Notholithocarpus (syn. Lithocarpus) densiflorus, Tanoak/Tanbark-oak

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A large, evergreen tree related to Beeches, Oaks and Chestnuts. This slow-grower is native to the West Coast from California into Southern Oregon. It is sometimes tall & conical, other times broad and rounded.  Leaves are thick and leathery, with widely-toothed or scalloped edges and grey-green, matte undersides. It forms long catkins like Chestnut trees, and Oak-like acorns that mature in their second year.

This handsome tree is happiest in part-shade and humus-rich, moist soil...but can handle some drought once established.

Mature size: commonly to 50 ft T (in ideal, native conditions 100+ ft)

Minimum temperature: 0° F