Osmanthus decorus (syn. Phillyrea decora)

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Very sweetly-scented small white flower clusters bloom in early spring on this handsome, neat, large rounded shrub. Long, narrow, leathery dark green leaves contrast beautifully with the white flowers. The shrub is dense enough to form an excellent, if somewhat slow-growing screen or hedge, but place it near enough to where your nose might be traveling. You'll be amazed how much aromatic power is in these unobtrusive flowers. This is an olive relative from the sides of gorges in W. Asia – N.E. Turkey to Georgia. It is versatile, able to grow in sandy, loamy, rocky, or clay soils, and can tolerate moist to dry soils! How incredibly accommodating. And decorus (elegant)!

Mature size: 6-8 ft T x W

Minimum temperature: -10° F