Podophyllum hexandrum, Asian Mayapple

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Clusters of the deepest red glossy flowers are hidden under shining, soft green, 12-inch, three-lobed umbrella leaves in spring. (While the Sinopodophyllum we have available from seed might not retain its three-lobed leaf form into maturity, this Podophyllum does.) Podophyllums prefer rich soil and summer water, but ours has tolerated mild neglect with aplomb. It works best elevated on a bank or in a tall pot, or on a pedestal so that the flowers that hang beneath can be seen! Or you can plant it in the garden bed where it will require you to be lilliputian to appreciate its exotic blooms. All the more magical is this secretive flower when it's not easily apparent. You could also do deep knee bends, or just prostrate yourself before them — entirely warranted!! 

Ships when dormant. Please choose a shipping date between Oct 1 - March 1.

Minimum temperature: 0º F