Primula x polyantha 'Hose-in-Hose Yellow', Hose-in-Hose Yellow Primrose

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This dependable, old-fashioned, light yellow spring ephemeral has a unique flower form: one bloom inside the other! "Originally, this flower variant was given the name Hose-in-Hose because the form of the flower is reminiscent of the way some Elizabethan gentlemen used to wear their stockings, one inside the other with the outer stocking turned down. The origin of the name gives us an idea of the antiquity of this type of Primula and in fact John Gerard makes the first recorded mention of a Hose-in-Hose flower, in his 1597 herbal." - from an article written by Simon Crawford for "The Paradise Garden." A concentrated yellow-orange center is surrounded by lemon chiffon on this lovely woodland primula. 8" tall and wide.

Minimum temperature: -30° F