Prunus incisa 'Kojou no mai', Dwarf Cherry or Fuji Cherry, No shipping to CA, CO

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We've fallen for this exquisite shrub with small, cupped, white early spring flowers with the palest pink blush, blush deeper toward the center and have lovely pink calyces. Blooms arrive before the leaves so that you can appreciate the flower all the more, but also its zig-zag and arching branches that make the prettiest armature for the prettiest flower. In autumn, the slightly incised small leaves turn from green to red, purple, and orange! (I'll take at least three.) A natural bonsai subject if you're inclined.

*No shipping to CA, CO due to local restrictions

Mature size: 5 feet T & W

Minimum temperature: -10° F

(Second and third pic show fall leaf colors.)