Romneya coulteri, Matilija Poppy

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This California native's gray-green, deeply cut foliage and gold-centered, crepe-papery-white flowers will dazzle any onlooker. Yes, kind of like fried eggs, but that slightly dishonors this gorgeous flower. An egg should be so lucky. (Yes, okay, eggs are beautiful, too.) Its stature is grand—at least 4 feet tall and slowly spreading—and its large, pure white and yellow flowers will sparkle in the summer garden. Once established, no summer water! Most likely to succeed in VERY well-drained conditions. If your soil is heavy, consider creating a mound or berm with lots of gravel worked in.

This can be a challenging plant to get established but worth the effort. So it's a plant for experienced gardeners used to trial and error who realize plants can die for no apparent reason at all. It took three tries to get it growing happily for many years here at Dancing Oaks.

Mature size: 4–8 feet T & spreading when well situated

Minimum temperature: 0° F