Sciadopitys verticillata, Umbrella Pine

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A slow-growing evergreen conifer (ca. 6 inches per year) with wide, green, shiny needles in a striking geometric pattern, suitable for a focal point or vertical garden punctuation. It can also make a particularly interesting screen that is much more than just functional! Growing quite dense, it's capable of hiding even the worst eyesore. 20' tall x 10' wide in 10 – 20 years, but up to 90' in its native land. Its cones are a cute rose-like structure and form just inside each whorl of needles.

It's great to see an older specimen of Umbrella Pine, a conical tree that can be limbed up if desired. Though it does like full sun, do not allow its soils to dry out; rich, well-draining soil is preferred. From Japan.

Minimum temperature: -20° F