Stewartia monadelpha, Orangebark Stewartia or Tall Stewartia

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A four-season performer, monodelpha has 2-inch white cup flowers in early summer, a brilliant orange-red fall leaf color, and orange-cinnamon bark. I have heard several serious and normally sober plant people go into an ecstatic rapture about this tree. Though its mature size is large, it's a very slow grower so it can be considered an excellent bonsai candidate. Among the Stewartias it is perhaps most sun-tolerant; drought-tolerant once established, it does not like wet soil, nor does it like compact soil. It's a beaut!

Mature size: 15 feet T & 8 feet wide in 10 years; eventually 30 feet T & 15 feet W

Minimum temperature: -10° F

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