Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Ogon Nishiki', Variegated Star Jasmine

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The mature leaves on this star jasmine are gold with dark green edges, which is flashy enough, but combine that with the bright orange-red of the newly-emerging leaves, and you've got a real stunner. Tough and malleable, you can train this up a wall, over the side of a pot, or let it scramble over the ground. It can be hesitant to bloom, but when it does the flowers are creamy-white and fragrant.

Mature size: 1-10+ feet tall & 2-10+ feet wide (depending on if used as a groundcover or trained up a vine)

Minimum temperature: 10° F

Also sold as: T. asiaticum 'Salsa', T. asiaticum 'Gold Brocade', T. asiaticum 'Torafu', T. jasminoides 'Orido Nishiki'.