Veltheimia bracteata, Forest Lily or Sand Onion

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Bracteata is one of only two species in the genus, Veltheimia, coming from forests and coastal scrub of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Showy, green-spotted, dusky pink tubular flowers are arranged on a thick spike much as red hot pokers (Kniphofia). Leaves, though, are broad, glossy, and wavy-edged, forming large, lush-looking basal rosettes. Rich soil preferred.

Culture directions according to Missouri Botanical Garden:

This is a winter-flowering bulb that is best grown in large tubs or containers (not smaller than 6” across). In St. Louis, plant bulbs in late summer (August – September) in containers with a peaty, well-drained soil mixture. Bulbs should be planted shallowly with the tips exposed. Place container in a cool location with minimal watering and light until growth begins. Then place containers in a bright window area with filtered sun. Provide consistent moisture during the bloom period. After bloom, reduce moisture as the foliage dies back. Plants go dormant in summer. 

Minimum temperature: 20° F