Vitis coignetiae, Crimson Glory Vine, No shipping to CA, ID, NY, WA

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This fast-growing, ornamental grapevine with platter-sized, dark green, soft leaves will twine & scramble its way up sturdy trees and trellises. Be warned that this beauty can be a destructive beast if not given strong enough structure to hold its ultimately large size. If you choose to prune it back hard in winter, it will be smaller overall, but its leaves will tend to be even bigger than usual! Mid-summer flowers are insignificant and if fruit sets it is widely considered inedible by humans...though the birds will enjoy it. Late in the season, Crimson Glory Vine earns its name and captures the spectrum of fall color from gold to ruby-red to deep purple —truly awe-inspiring.

Deciduous; mature size: 25+ feet T x W in 10 years; ultimate 60+ feet

No shipping to CA, ID, NY, WA. 

Minimum temperature: -20° F

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