How to Pre-Order Plants and Pick them up at the Nursery

If you live locally, or you'll be in the area, you can pre-order plants and pull your car into our parking lot to pick them up... all while maintaining social distancing.

Given the high demand for pre-order & curbside pick up, we can now ONLY offer this service to customers who do not wish to enter the nursery for additional browsing. If you feel comfortable browsing the nursery while practicing physical distancing, please plan to do all of your own shopping. (Policy updated 5/29/20)

Here's what to do:

  1. Visit our online plant collections to browse our inventory
  2. Add your desired plants to your online shopping cart.
    •  Note that for at-nursery pickup, you will pay lower prices than those listed on our website.
    See "Important Pricing Info*" below for details.
  3. Once you are done shopping, click the shopping cart icon in the top, right corner of the screen to view your full shopping cart.
  4. When you are happy with your cart contents, enter the following information in the notes field
    The phrase "Curbside Pick Up."
    •  The date you plan to come to the nursery
  5. Please give at least 2 weekdays for us to pull your order; if they are ready earlier, then we will email you.
  6. In order to proceed to checkout, you will be required to complete these steps:
    a) Pick any available shipping date from the drop-down calendar -- we will disregard this information for curbside pick up.
    b) Read the "SHARED CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES" and click the checkbox
    c) Click the "CHECK OUT" button
  7. Complete the payment screens to finalize your order.
    •   Note that this total will include shipping & handling, which you will not ultimately pay for.
  8. Once we receive your order, we will pull and box your plants. Then we will charge your card for the reduced, curbside pick up amount.
  9. When your plants are ready for pickup, you will receive another email confirmation.
  10. Please arrive for pickup during our regular retail hours. Your plants will be at the west end of the customer parking zone, next to the cart kiosk, boxed with your name written on them.
    •   If you will need assistance, please call ahead to let us know when you are coming to pick up your plants. In that case, you can stay in your car and we will load into your car for you.
    •   If you don't need assistance loading your plants, there's no need to call ahead as long as you come during business hours.


Our online prices include a pot-size-based handling fee for mail order plants. If you pick up plants at the nursery, plant prices will be lower. Here's how much less per plant we'll charge if you pick up at the nursery:

    • .42 - .1.16 qt pots; subtract $4
    • 1.15 qt pots; subtract $6
    • 3 qt pots; subtract $10
    • In some cases, for tall/delicate plants, we add a higher handling fee. For those plants, we will subtract even more to reflect the at-nursery plant prices.

Contact us
if you have any questions about this process.

page updated 6/19/20