Penstemon whippleanus, Whipple's Beardtongue

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Whippleanus is a native Rocky Mountain perennial sub-shrub, deep eggplant-purple in bloom, frosted with fine cilia, silvery in the sunlight. An occasional cream, lavender, deep blue, or white flower will surprise. Clusters of tubular flowers with a pouting lower lip arrive and persevere through July, August, and September; tolerant of a bit more water than many Penstemon. Up to 24"T x 18"W

We have to thank Lt. Amiel Whipple's transcontinental railroad survey for allowing John Bigelow, a member of Whipple's team, to find this Penstemon in 1853 in the New Mexico mountains near Albuquerque.

Minimum temperature: -40° F