Lonicera reticulata 'Kintzley's Ghost'®, Kintzley's Ghost Grape Honeysuckle

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Showy clusters of small yellow flowers cover the vine in June nestled in rounded, eucalyptus-like foliage. It's extremely distinctive in appearance, looking ever so much like a vining Eucalyptus, and is great for creating dense shade on an arbor! The structure of the inflorescence is interesting enough that it doesn't need any fragrance. Evergreen depending upon conditions.

"This vine was originally propagated by William Kintzley at Iowa State University in the 1880s. He passed it along to family members thereafter, but it was never formally introduced into commerce. The vine disappeared at one point but was eventually rediscovered growing in the yard of a Kintzley relative in Fort Collins, Colorado." - Missouri Botanical Garden   8 – 12' x 3 – 5' (bushy)

Minimum temperature: -40° F